Our services 

As well as the traditional services outlined on the main "Our services" page, we can also offer additional serivces to suit our clients as follows.

Pet Microchipping


From 6th April 2016 all dogs in England and Wales must be microchipped & registered on a national database. Although the law only applies to dogs, any pet can become separated from its owners. Microchipping can help pet professionals easily reunite you with your much loved pet. We are licensed to microchip dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs and can visit your home to undertake this simple procedure with minimal stress and disruption to both you and your pets.

Pet Taxi


Do you find it difficult to get to the vets? Maybe you don't have a car or can only get an appointment when your car's not available. We are fully insued as a pet taxi to take your animals to the vet, using our spacious 4x4 with appropriate crates or baskets, depending on the animal(s) transported. 


Please call for prices and booking details. 

Post holiday shopping


There's nothing worse than getting home from holiday to realise that you clered out the fridge before you left and you can't even have a much needed cup of tea! We can help by ensuring that you have whatever you need when you get home. If you leave us a shopping list we will buy your groceries from your nominated supermarket and stock the cupboards and fridge to make sure your holiday doesn't come to an abrupt end!